Camargue gastronomy
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The specialties of the region

During your visit to our 3-star hotel, you will awaken your taste buds to the culinary specialties of the region such as Camargue rice, bull meat, Camargue salt and wines. It is on the Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer market, which is held every Monday and Friday morning, that you can enjoy all the specialties. You will stroll between the stalls of the market gardeners on the authentic market of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, a colorful market. 

A must in the region Camargue rice

Since 2000, Camargue rice has benefited from a Protected Geographical Indication. Different varieties and commercial presentations are affected by the protected indication: round rice, half-long rice, long rice, very long rice, brown rice, red rice, white rice, black rice and pink rice. During your visit to a restaurant in the region, you will undoubtedly have the opportunity to taste a dish made with rice.

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Tasty and tender meat The bull

Camargue bull meat is protected by a Controlled Designation of Origin certifying its quality and origin. You will find bull meat in sausage, terrine and in many other forms. We advise you that too little to stop in a restaurant to taste the famous Gardianne, a dish made from bull and rice.

The salt marshes of Camargue Camargue salt

In the spring, the salt worker launches the pools, and from March to August, the salt workers promote the circulation of sea water to increase the salt concentration. With the evaporation of the water, an algae develops, which will give a pink color to the basin. The salt workers then direct the brine into the crystallizers. After months of crystallization, Camargue fleur de sel can be harvested.

Sand wines Camargue wines

Viticulture in the Camargue has been known since the 15th century. In the cellars and wine estates of the region, you can taste AOC wines, local wines and IGP Sable de Camargue. Explore one of the Camargue wine routes, ask your hosts for an itinerary.

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